Malaysian gov’t declares MH370 accident, all those aboard presumed dead

Director General of Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said on Jan. 29 that the Malaysian government officially declared MH370 an accident, and all 239 people on board the plane were presumed dead. Chinese premier calls on Malaysia to continue to exert all efforts to find MH370.






Tmall stores protest against regulator’s quality report

Three vendors on Alibaba’s platform voiced strong protest against an official quality inspection report on January 29 after a dispute between the e-commerce website and the regulator. “This was like giving us the death penalty without undergoing any trials,” read an joint letter posted on their Sina Weibo accounts.






Market reforms reshape China’s economic landscape

China’s market-oriented reforms have reshaped the economic landscape, allowing private companies to compete with state-owned enterprises. The latest release by WPP and Millward Brown offers a glimpse of the shift, showing the rise of “market-driven” brands and a slowdown among state-owned enterprises.





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